GSA Basic Course

Our Basic course is a 14,000 JPY/month service for students who can’t normally participate in English-language learning can, in a manageable program, learn the fundamentals of English through live-interactive classes with experienced teachers that develop reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. Lessons aim to deliver a global educational experience developing multiple perspectives and critical thinking, which international school and study abroad programs provide.

Courses are geared to be effective for all students with different levels of english fluency and purposes

Note: All prices include consumer tax

*1) Goal: Study abroad preparation, before / after tansitioning support for expat students, preparing for international schools, English maintanace / keep up for returnees, etc.

*2) GSA Consulting is a family educational consulting service provided by Global Step Academy. The service focuses on planning and executing strategies inorder to achieve academic goals and materialize academic ambitions for families. Learn more

The curriculum for the program has been developed by veteran international school teachers with the aim of providing opportunities for students to enrich their daily lessons at their local community schools with their “tools” they learn at GSA: to think critically and express their understanding through thoughtful opinions and insightful reflections on what they have learned.

To support this, monitoring learning through assessment, analysis of student performance, and a clear summary of progress is provided through personalized recommendations. Real-life situations such as extracurricular activities, physical classrooms, weekend/holiday camps, and other group activities are offered by GSA for students to use their developing English. Personal care is given to each student by our staff to support students as work their way through the curriculum, review, and apply what they have learned.