GSA Master Program For Returnee

You and your family have returned from oversees - a life-changing experience that has increased your awareness of the world and plunged you and your children into the international community. Your children now have a very different childhood than you and most everyone else in your Japanese local community. Your next major decision is, on what academic path will you place your English-speaking or emerging English-speaking children. You realize that international schools are probably not within your reach and ELT programs fall short of producing native or near-native speakers. Global Step Academy, with its core of international school teachers and 25 years of placing students in international high schools and universities around the world, is focusing its expertise on returnees.

Coming back to your home country doesn’t mean you need to leave the international community. Master being multilingual with our Global Step Academy Master Program.

7 Reasons Why Families Choose GSA

  • Reason 1: Personal English Educational Program
    A Personal English Educational Program is designed for each and every individual student in order to meet expectations and requirements.

  • Reason 2: Counselling & Screening Are Provide To Pave The Way And Accomplish Goals
    Both path and the goal are shown and discussed during counselling sessions. A screening session is held to determine the current level of each student.

  • Reason 3: PYP & Common Core Integrated - The One And Only GSA Curriculum
    The GSA Curriculum has critical elements of both the PYP and Common Core curricula.

  • Reason 4: Over 25 Years of Educational Experience and Results
    Over 3,000 students have successfully enrolled in prestigious universities in the United States of America, Europe, and Japan.

  • Reason 5: Level Up - Pentagon Learning Cycle
    After the first counselling session, a screening session is held to determine the level of the student. Once determined, lessons begin and review materials become available. And at the end of each month, a “Monthly Report” is sent to report the current status of the student.

  • Reason 6: Place, Time, Teacher, and Device: All Your Choice
    Lessons are all taught online so the place, time, teacher, and choice of device to use are all for the user to choose! All GSA lessons can be attended through PC, smartphones, and tablets.

  • Reason 7: Personal Concierge
    A Personal Concierge affiliated to Student Relations is assigned to every student. Any questions or concerns can be directed here. All lessons are recorded in the “Student Records” and at the end of every month, a “Monthly Report” is sent out with a monthly activity record.

Program Detail

Returnees will be given a consultation with our academic experts to map out goals and fashion an individual program that will put a student on the road to growth with his or her English language skills. This includes, but is not limited to, maintaining current levels of English competency, as well as increasing fluency along with confidence.

Counselling and screening is provided at the beginning to determine necessary requirements to meet standards, and ultimately, the goal. There are 8 lessons a month each lasting 50 minutes and a report is sent at the end of each month. Then another consultation meeting is provided to answer any questions or concerns.

Monthly Price: 35,000 JPY (incl. tax)

Level: Rich Immersion / goal oriented

Location: Remote (Online)

Monthly Credits: 8 Credits

Class Length: 50 minutes

Extracurricular Activities: GSA Student Discount

Counseling: 1 free session every month

Admission Process

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